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Partners and Sponsors

poznaj swiat

Poznaj Świat

'Poznaj Świat' is the oldest Polish travel and geographic monthly magazine. It has been published since 1948. Magazine is catered especially for the Polish readers by the best writers. The content is created by both personas famous in the travelling or scientific world, as well as prestigious organizations such as WWF or Polish Geographical Society.

The 'Poznaj Świat' editors are in touch with the readers and the articles published in the magazine are often based on the information and materials sent to the editor, where they are developed under supervision of professionals. For 65 years 'Poznaj Świat' was a patron of hundreds of exploratory expeditions.


Globtroter is the oldest and the only independent social network for the travel lovers in Poland. More than 32 400 registered users, 114 000 unique photos and 257 000 comments.

On the website you can find:
- Some of the best travel photos in Poland, from almost every corner of the world, divided into thematic categories,
- Active forum – where you can find information on the most unique places in the world,
- Ads – a place where lots of people met new friends and planned their trips together,
- A lot of other tools and services helpful in the travelling.



Travelbit is the oldest and probably most popular travel portal in Poland. It was created in 1976 as BIT (Bank of Information for Travelers), in 1994 it became a TRAVELBIT and in 1996 it went on-line. The creator of BIT and Travelbit is Mr. Andrzej Urbanik, traveler and doctor of medicine.

Currently, the portal is created by the founder, alongside with a group of travelers, and is a social networking site. The site is non-commercial, it collects and provides information related to travel and integrates the environment of travelers in Poland. You can meet here both experienced backpackers as well as those who just dream about traveling.

imprezy dla pozdroznikow

Imprezy dla podróżników

'Imprezy dla podróżników' is the website providing information about events and meetings for travellers organized in Poland, as well as those events related to travelling. It's the part of social networking site, which was created in 1996. On the website you will find information about small and big events organized by travel professionals and amateurs. It is a social networking service, and is co-created by travelers, so if you organize an interesting event or you know about one, add the event on the website.

Gear support

light my fire

Light My Fire

Based in Sweden, Light My Fire specializes in outdoor accessories that are as practical in the city as they are in the wild. From making fires to eating meals ...Their motto is: We love color. We love design. We love functionality. We love the outdoors. And we love having fun. Their products are functional, designed to perfection, bright and colorful. What more can you want?

imprezy dla pozdroznikow


Humangear is a Los Angeles based company which specializes in outdoor accessories for real travelers. Their flag products are small plastic, 'smart' accessories, that make life easier when you're on the go. They are passionate about creating remarkable and responsible products that, at least in some small way, make the world a better place. Their motto is: Go Human Go! and we love it.