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About Expedition Africa 2013

Expedition Africa 2013 is an extreme adventure project to travel overland more than 25 000 km from Poland to South Africa. This is the final stage of the Around the World travel project by polish traveler and explorer Michal Frackowiak. The main idea of the Expedition Africa 2013 is to show the diversity of the people and cultures around the World and to finalize a 6 year Around the World traveling project.

Our main goals are:

discovering unique and extreme places in Africa, like the hottest place in Africa, the biggest desserts, the highest mountain peak, the most beautiful coral reefs, etc.

taking part in as many adventures as we can (extreme sports, trekking, hiking, scuba diving, bungee jumping, mountain walking, etc.)

showing the cultural, social, religious and economic diversity of Africa

presenting 'expedition life' form traveler's perspective

driving for over 25 000 km overland from Gdansk to Cape Town, in self modified Mitsubishi Space Gear,

…and facing any obstacles, challenging ourselves and fulfilling our lifetime dreams!