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Michal Frackowiak

The real adventure starts where the struggle for survival begins…

A traveler, photographer and writer from Gdansk in Poland, a graduate of the University of Gdansk, to whom nothing is impossible and who believes, that there is always a way out from any situation. Globetrotter, which is always on the search for some adrenalin and adventure, is it alone or in the most prominent company in the World. Even more than 20 years old jeep purchased in Mexico, braking down all the time didn't manage to prevent him from crossing two continents, while shrinking his living space to just below 2 square meters.

He passed through over 46 countries around the World and spend in the journey over 5 years in a row. He lived in various countries such as Ireland, New Zealand or South Africa and the situations, in which all the possessions of his lifetime fit on his back, because everything he owes can be squished in a backpack, are his daily bread.

A man, who without any compromises and regardless of all the hardship and obstacles decided to find the courage and naivety to pursue and fulfill his dreams.

An author of such projects as Expedition Michal 2006-2011 and Expedition Africa 2013.

You can travel on many different levels. This dimensional level, moving from place to place, is perhaps the most obvious of them all, however for me personal the most interesting is the inner journey of the spirit on the search of your true self. The way one is changing under the influence of the reality and environment around you, as well as the result of unforeseen situations, is a kind of journey in a journey.

He jumps from the bridges, is photographing, cooking, diving, sailing, hitchhikes in the strangest places around the World, all in order to learn the customs and culture of local people. Crossing the six continents of the World he crossed as well the world's largest jungle, explored the second largest delta of the world, climbed into countless volcanoes, slept in the most odd public places, explored the mysteries of the Americas ruins and the secrets of shamanic practices like Ayahuasca and San Pedro. Traveled alone from Mexico to Argentina making in total over 132 000 km., and these are just some of the things he has done…

Willing to find out more? In that case I am kindly inviting you to have a read on the Expedition Michal 2006-2011